Covid 19 Updates

  •          You will need to wear a mask at all times when in the building.


  •          Your temperature will be taken via an Infrared Non -Touch Forehead Thermometer as a precaution upon entering Meisel Hall.   Anyone having a temperature above 100°F will not be allowed to worship with us that day and will be asked to leave.


  •          Hand sanitizer will be available.


·         Ushers will be seating you to physically distance individuals and families at 6 feet intervals.


·         The sanctuary will be open for worship only.  Meisel Hall will not be open at the present time. 


·         There will be no outside meetings.  This includes but is not limited to Narcotics Anonymous, Community 341, and community meetings


·         The Backyard Angel will not open until further notice.


·         Community 3-4-1 will continue to serve “to-go” meals on the parking pad until September. 


·         We will enter the church for worship ONLY through the Meisel Hall entrance, up the stairs in the breezeway and into the sanctuary OR the ramp from Meisel Hall to the sanctuary.


·         To limit people passing too close to each other, we will fill the nave from the front as people arrive and dismiss by pew starting in two places, from the rear of the nave through the front door and in the middle of the church forward to the front through the side door down the ramp through Meisel Hall at the end of worship.  Please wait for the ushers to direct you.


·         Front and back door handles will be wiped regularly with a disinfectant formula as people arrive and leave.


·         Ushers/greeters will be available for help.  There will be a training for ushers/greeters and tellers to familiarize them with sanitation requirements and processes before the first service with the date for training to be determined.


·         Everything will be on a single use bulletin which will be emailed prior to Sunday for the congregation’s use.  Phones, I-pads and tablets are encouraged for use by the congregation.  There will be a very limited number of bulletins available to the congregation.  Announcements and scripture for the week will also be emailed.


·         There will be no singing of hymns or a sung liturgy.


·         Remember that we need to practice physical distancing.   Please don’t hug or shake hands.


·         There will be no Passing of the Peace during the service.


·         The sanctuary will be disinfected after every service.  We will rope off the stairs to discourage people from entering the sanctuary during the week.


·         We will commune using pre-filled Communion Fellowship cups with juice and a wafer included.  They will be placed on a table for each person to come forward and pick up, maintaining the 6-foot distance between parishioners.  Please wait for the ushers to direct you to the table.  Once everyone has received the communion elements, Pastor will commune us as a group.


·         We are asking that you bring your offering as you come to receive the Communion elements.  An offering plate will be placed on the table next to the communion elements.


·         Please use the bathrooms in Meisel Hall only as necessary.  Bathrooms will be disinfected after each service.


·         We will take attendance at each Sunday service to ensure that if there is a reported case of COVID-19, people who attended that week can be notified.


·         If you are ill, PLEASE STAY HOME!


The Council has endeavored to ensure a safe place to worship for all members of St. Mark’s and our guests.  Please let us know if there are any issues that we may not have covered and need to be considered.  I would ask that you either email me with your ideas and suggestions ( or call me (412-600-4947).  I will be happy to discuss any questions or comments that you might have.

Additional Resources

Here are some of the additional Covid 19 Resources. The ones in Purple are directly related to St. Marks and our reopening plan, the ones in grey are resources that were shared when making the reopening decisions. There have been Bi-Weekly and Weekly meetings to plan the reopening process. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Sue Ingold.